Friday, 27 April 2012

Los Barrios man invents dog poo vacuum cleaner

LOS BARRIOS (Agencies) Juan José Gómez has invented and patented a vacuum cleaner that will make taking the dog for a walk much easier. After years in development and much approval from the market, the Turbidog is going into production in two models. At a recent presentation of his invention in his home town, Gómez, of Los Cortijillos, said that it will be manufactured in Logroño by a specialist company. The invention looks much like a car vacuum cleaner but will avoid having to bend over to pick up the dog's excrement, by simple suction. The dog poo goes into a cylindrical filter that makes it recyclable and the operator has only to press a button for it to work. Two models are going into manufacture, the smaller one with a capacity of 50 grams and weighing just half a kilo; and a larger one, for 150 grams, that weighs a kilo. The bigger model of the Turbidog also includes a light for night use, and can emit a squirt of liquid to clean the affected area. Both models come with a bandoleer with which to carry them, and a battery that lasts about a month per charge. Gómez received bank finance as well as development grants from the Junta de Andalucía, and there are already firm orders coming in from Mexico and the US, among other countries. (Prospero note: Let us hope orders flow in from dog owners all over this country!)

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Henry said...

Dog poo vacuum cleaner. How cool is that. I wish henry vacuum cleaner will come up with the same vacuum in the near future.