Friday, 29 June 2012

Electricity and gas go up again in July

SPAIN (Agencies) July starts on Sunday, two days away. The news is that electricity and natural gas are going up, almost without warning. We have tried to explain the (cozy government-companies) system and why there is such a deficit in the electric companies' books when they show a profit seemingly every five minutes - so we won't  do any more explaining (we can't explain something we do not understand anyway). Nevertheless, electricity is going up for the vast majority of a long-suffering public by an astronomical 3.95%, and natural gas by 2.26% (reports don't say anything about bombonas, but we can assume they'll be going up as well.). We're going to stop this item here because we need to go away and throw up. In any case, your wallet has been warned. (To see other items on the subject -including an attempt at explaining the reason behind these rises, just type in the word 'electricity' in the search widget on the sidebar...)

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