Sunday, 17 June 2012

Volkswagen hot dogs and ketchup?

GERMANY They have known it for years in Germany, but the rest of the world may not: aside from well-considered cars and other vehicles, Volkswagen has been making sausages and ketchup under their own brand since the 1930s. Known as Currywurst, the sausages taste of, you guessed it, curry. The ketchup is much like all of them, apparently. Made originally for the company's own cafeterias and dining rooms, the 'people's car' line is now available on supermarket shelves throughout Germany, supplied from the sausage factory in Wolfsburg, which produced almost 5 million sausages and about half a million bottles of the tomato-based sauce in 2011. Oh, and Audi makes its own line of Weisswurst - yes, white sausages. But then Audi is now owned by VW, so no surprise. (Source:

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