Friday, 13 July 2012


JIMENA You've seen this poster all over Jimena and probably in other places around the Campo. Well, if you're a man, you will certainly have noticed it, not so sure if you stopped to look at it if you're not. Anyway, it is advertising the seventh edition of Jimena's motorbike club Los Murgas. Aside from lots of motorbikes gathering from 3pm on July 28, there will also be mud wrestling, go-go girls (and maybe boys, though it doesn't say so), DJ and live music, gifts and, yes lots of motorbikes. The price of €12 includes food and a drink at all the stops in town and all the shows. The poster says there is a limit on places, so contact the club ( to book now. In the past there have been some very entertaining (no use wagging a finger at me, missus!) times, a selection from 2008 of which you can see here.

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