Wednesday, 5 September 2012

RGP harasses three Algeciras fishing boats

Fishing in disputed waters
Guardia Civil patrol boats rush to protect them
GIBRALTAR The above is a translation of the main headline in today's Europa Sur. The story says that the incident happened at about 10pm last night, when the three boats were fishing with nets in the waters that are in ongoing dispute between Gibraltar and Spain. The newspaper reports that the fishing boats were approached by the Royal Gibraltar Police when the nets had been set, flicking lights making 'dangerous' manouvres close to them. Shortly afterwards, and alerted by the fishermen, a Guardia Civil patrol boat came to the area to protect. The Spanish boats left the area because the fish had been scared away. This is the first time an incident such as this has occurred with boats from Algeciras in several months, though there have been a number of similar ones with vessels from La Línea.

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