Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sex video councillor's mayor summoned to court

TOLEDO / Los Yébenes (Agencies) The Mayor of Los Yébenes, Pedro Acevedo (PP), has been called to court by the magistrates investigating how a private explicit video of Councillor Olvido Hormigos (PSOE) was put up on the internet (See Councillor resigns after her erotic video appears on internet). Acording to the EFE agency, court sources say that th Mayor is not formally charged with anything yet, but is summoned to make a statement that would 'help with the magistrate's enquiries'. He is due to appear on September 27 and has been advised to 'come with his attorney'. Hormigos did not in the end present her resignation, despite 'having a very bad time of it'. The magistrate has charged a local football player and 'intimate friend' of the councillor in the case.

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