Friday, 26 October 2012

Spanish border police harassed daily 'under RGP protection'

Gibraltar ministers posing with
Defenders of Gibraltar
(Photo: Tony Evans/Flickr)
GIBRALTAR / LA LÍNEA The Federal Union of Police (UFP, a union) has denounced the daily harassment its members are subjected to at their posts by a group calling itself 'Defenders of Gibraltar', which, says the union, act 'under the protection of the Gibraltar police.' Their only mission, allegedly, is to harass, insult and photograph. They also distribute pamphlets among people queuing to access or leave the Rock. The union says that the group places itself at a mere five metres from the border patrols and the pictures and numbers of the agents doing their job appear later on Internet. The group, according to the union, is supported also by the Government of Gibraltar. In the image, members of Defenders of Gibraltar pose with ministers Paul Balban, John Cortes and Steven Linares. The latter has been seen to address drivers as they sit in the queue. (See a photo report  by Tony Evans on Flickr).

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