Saturday, 27 April 2013

Venezuela's new Minister for Sports, model Alejandra Benítez

Alejandra Benítez, 2008
CARACAS (We do say 'beyond' the Campo in our heading) Although there is some argument about the legality of recent election results in Venezuela, the alleged winner, Nicolás Maduro, successor to the deceased Hugo Chávez, has appointed several members of his Cabinet, none making more of a splash than Alejandra Benítez, 32, who is a well-known (much-better-known-now) model in Latin America. She is probably as prepared for her post as any other minister, inasmuch as she is also a sportswoman of some repute, having represented her country at the Athens (2004), Beijing (2008) and London (2012) Olympics in fencing. Nor is this her first contact with politics, having been elected as a substitute delegate to the Caracas Assembly, and being presented by Maduro as a member of 'the younger generations'. There is little doubt that she possesses other attributes, which might explain her vast presence on the Internet.

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