Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Endesa cuts off power at several municipal buildings in Jimena

JIMENA (Agencies) The elecricity company cut off supply to several municipal buildings in Jimena and San Pablo. A spokesperson said that several bills were owed, a fact confirmed by the Town Hall. Lights went out at about 10amn at several places including the Casa de la Cultura almost opposite the Town Hall, where the investiture of the new Mayor was due to take place at 8 that evening. But supply was restored during the course of the afternoon, although there were srtill several offices without light at nine p.m. There were those who joked that this was a test prepared earlier for Mayor Guillermo Ruiz, who at the end of his investiture said, "I don't have the details yet so I don't know how serious the problem is. But I will be speaking to Endesa." It is confirmed by several Town Hall functionaries that several bills are outstanding, a fact that they told nthe brand new Mayor about. (Facetious note: candles were located at the back of several drawers...)

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