Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Politics, business and social agencies put differences aside to back need for rail improvements

La Almoraima station
Over fifty regional and national institutions sign request for immediate tenders on Algeciras-La Almoraima
LOS BARRIOS A meeting took place recently in Los Barrios that brought together 50 representatives of institutions with a major interest in getting the railway authorities to keep their word of improving the system between Algeciras and Bobadilla. They are unusually united in their understanding of the need for the country's largest container port, Algeciras, with the rest of Spain's network. This, they insist, would open up the Bay of Algeciras area, and by extension all the towns and villages along the line, to access from different parts of the country. The first item on the agenda was the urgency to put out to tender the first section of the line, from Algeciras to La Almoraima. Various budget matters were discussed, including the fact that only €13m have been allocated to this first section in the 2013 national budgets, which by their reckoning would put the matter back by at least two years, given that it is very far from adequate for the job.

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