Friday, 7 October 2011

These wonderful little puppies are still looking for a home!

They are wonderful! Prospero spent a couple of hours with them the other day, to take these photos. They are vacinated and they have their passports - all of them, including the ever-patient mother. The thing is, the kind person who rescued them from the side of the road can't have them any longer, mainly because she already has another seven rescue animals! She is trying to find them all a home, even in other countries, but without any success so far. So PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail the link to this item ( to all your friends, post it on your Facebook Wall and talk to everyone you know. The puppies won't grow a lot (see the Mom), so they don't need a lot of space. They are very nearly fully weaned and are what is called 'socialized' - they get on very well with people, in other words. Please make an effort, they need a loving home right now! CALL RENATE ON 672 072 616.
(We will soon be posting something about the proposal for an animal charity in Jimena, so watch this space.)

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